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What is Miaraka?

It’s a platform where your Idea goes viral, gets partners, gets mentors, and you get payed simply by having fans.
Miaraka means “Together” in Malagasy – the native language of Madagascar, my home country. The goal of Miaraka is to bring people and businesses together on a platform to realize Afro*-dreams. Miaraka will promote projects from Black* people, People of African descents* and African* people. We will ensure that all projects on this platform will be in the interests of the members of this community. Projects can be of any kind, and can situated be in any field. The only limits are your imagination. We will help you to develop your idea, to promote, to fund, and to realize it.

Why did I started Miaraka?

I want to bring Black* people, People of African descents*, African* people and businesses together to solve the economic and social difficulties concerning the African continent and the members of its diaspora.
Every member of our community is very intelligent and creative. Many of us already have some ideas and project. We just have to bring all these dreams into life. And for that we need an engaged community, coaching, and capital. That’s why I started Miaraka.

How will Miaraka work?

On Miaraka all persons who define themselves as being Black, African, or Afro-descendant will be able to present their ideas. Present your Idea with a text and a pitch video. After that you will be able to share it in your community to get fans. Everybody can be fan of your project. By becoming Fan of your Idea, people will watch an ad, and share your project to bring more fans on your project. So your project will go viral, and you will get payed for it by becoming 60% of the ad revenue!
To make sure you will be able to realize your dreams, Miaraka will have partners like businesses, co-working spaces, mentors, Start-up Centers, and crowdfunding platforms, who will meet your needs and follow on the process. To start Miaraka, I decided to create a contest.

The contest

You will be able to submit your idea from the 12 June to the 30 July.
The contest will take place from the 31 July to the 30 August.
The goal is to get as much Fans as possible. The winners with the most Fans will get:

  1. 1000€
  2. 500€
  3. 250€
  4. Everyone still get 60% of the ad revenue*

I will also get partners to increase the prices. Partners will be free to decided what kind of prices they will give to the projects. Partners will choose the project that they are actually interested in before the contest starts. Then, the chosen projects will also compete to get the most fans to win the prices given by the partners.

What do I need to realize Miaraka?

First of all I need you (Black* People) to present your idea. Every thing is based on you and your dreams. I started this platform because I believe that it will be much easier for us to solve the problems together.
Second I need Partners, like:

  • Businesses
  • Co-working spaces
  • Mentors
  • Start-up Centers
  • crowdfunding platform
  • Advertisers
  • NGO’s
  • etc…

who are ready to invest in the community present on this platform. If you want to be partner or publish your ads please contact me.

Become fan of MIARAKA

That’s my project. I hope you like it. Please become Fan of Miaraka to support me a little bit financially (You don’t have to pay anything, just watch the add) and make sure Miaraka goes viral. Thank you!

*When I use the words “Black People”, “African People”, or “People of African descents” I mean every person who define themselves as being a member of one or all this community.

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Tobias Fahamaro Rabemananjara Güther

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