Madagascar Beach Library

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Reading at the Madagascar’s seaside

” Change the world, bring and reinforce education every where we go through the word”

I love reading. Since my childhood ,reading books is my best way to dream and to see my island with another view comparing it with the neighbour Island.

So why I want to participate in this contest ?

I have a beautiful and one of the largest island . People are amazing  and the country own an extraordinary culture. Unfortunately, some of us forget the invisible bridge, that connect us with another countries and the civilization. Some of us forget , how important it is, to protect our land and we need more knowledge, more culture to realize it.  We’re all responsible .

And I think we have a seriously education problem, this is especially about this french word “illetrisme” in english illiteracy. The word is though up by  the french Joseph Wresinski on 1978. He said “in 10 years , there’s no illiteracy in our Land , all have a job and that who knows, learn to the one who doesn’t know”.

What’s mean illiteracy?
We speak about for the people who after been educated, don’t have acquired a sufficient self-control about reading and the basic skills with the aim to be self-governing in his standard life. It’s about re-learning to reconnect with the knowledge especially the culture.

How to process ?
My best proposal solution is “reading” especially  inciting people to find fun on reading, that’s where my idea “Madagascar Beach Library” come from.
My afroDream is to let people embracing the beauty of my island and getting knowledge.

My project need ?
People who are motivated to fight about illiteracy in Madagascar , and who giving volontary Books to the future association.

Who take advantage about ?
Not only people in the sector tourismus and educational , but you and I.

Why i Want to realise it ?

Because of my love of reading, i think it’s the best way to change the world and reinforce education everywhere we go through the word. Reading is intercultural too. Thanks  reading, we can change the world and have a new vision.

My goal is ?
Reducing the unemployment and improving humanity.

This is my AfroDream
May be Yours too


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Project author
Rkb Niriko

Madagascar, Antananarivo